3 Great Tips For Healthy Skin That Are Timeless

A lot of people tend to forget that our skin is actually considered to be an organ, the largest organ we have. As such, it needs to be treated with love and respect or it will fail just like any other organ. There are hundreds of things you can do to ruin your skin, too much sun, alcohol, or drugs, to name a few, and there are also ways to combat poor care and aging as well. Here are 3 great tips for healthy skin.

Wear Sun Screen Outside

One only has to look at internet photos of people that live in the desert Southwest of the United States to see the damage that sun can do to your skin. Sure, a tan looks great, until you’re reaching 40 and you realize you look 50.

And of course, everyone knows that person from years ago that liked to go to the tanning booth and always had a great looking tan. Now they’re sporting a great looking shoe leather finish that only make them look old. If you value your skin you’ll avoid the sun, even on cloudy days and wear sunscreen on all exposed areas all of the time.

Use A Moisturizer Daily

Your skin likes to be kept semi-moist all the time. It helps it breathe, keeps dirt from clogging up the pores, hydrates the upper layers and offers protection from pollutants. A good brand of Shea Butter rubbed on every day is a great start. Shea Butter has lots of antioxidant properties too, but really, it’s the oil that’s good for you.

Exfoliate Your Skin Occasionally

The upper layers of skin are constantly being replaced from underneath. You can accelerate this process by removing them using an exfoliator. Then your body will replace the skin more rapidly making you look younger.

Most beauty products that are sold at the expensive stores are a waste of money. If you follow these 3 great tips for healthy skin and use all natural products, plus a sunscreen you’ll be far ahead with your skin care and save money too.